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Through our various services, we enable businesses and increasingly global workforces to thrive.

  • Cost Projections

    Have you factored all the tax into your company’s decisions surrounding business travel? Our international tax consultants help companies make informed and goal-oriented decisions on business travel.

  • Employee Tax Consultations

    A broad overview of US and international tax systems relating to your employees’ upcoming or recent relocation(s). An employee tax consultation simplifies relocating to a new destination and keeps your team focused on having a successful assignment.

  • Equity Team Support

    We partner with your equity team to make equity-based compensation for global employees more simple. We do this by reviewing your unique situation, estimating future costs, and providing equity sourcing solutions.

  • Net Take-Home Pay Calculations

    Knowing your take-home pay (or after-tax income) is a key consideration in your decision-making.  As such, we can prepare a full calculation (with and without bonus and other non-regular pay) so that you have the information to plan for your new location.

  • Payroll Support

    We support your payroll team so that you are compliant with international filing and reporting requirements. Our global experts work with foreign offices to perform shadow payroll, compensation-reviews, and other payroll services.

  • Policy Creation & Implementation

    Our global tax experts are specialized in the complexities of international tax requirements. We help align the goals of your business with a sound tax policy. Then we assist you with implementation and ensure the new tax policy works for your company and employees.

  • Tax Education

    We provide tailored education sessions on tax policy basics, tax equalization process, payroll support, and more for your team and internal stakeholders.

  • Tax Equalization Settlements

    Having employees deployed is a part of your business strategy and you want to ensure staff is not paying more than necessary for an assignment. We assist companies through tax return reconciliation so that employees on assignment in another country are only responsible for the US tax on a return.

  • Tax Compliance

    Tax laws and regulations can be complicated, varying domestically and internationally. Our global experts can help you and your employees stay compliant through tax preparation, filing, and administration.

  • Tax Planning

    We help our clients plan for the future using our US and international tax knowledge and expertise. Tax planning with our consultants ensures you make the right decisions regarding your personal income, equity, and investments.

  • Tax Policy & Administration

    What is your organization’s tax policy? We can help you review your current policy or implement a new policy to align with your company goals and values. Then we will be there to support your administrative tax policy needs.

  • Tax Returns

    We understand the complicated nature of cross-border reporting, exclusions, and credits. Our international tax experts prepare required filings for US and foreign countries while minimizing worldwide taxation.

  • Tracking and Reporting

    Global compliance for tax purposes calls for an awareness of employee work location and travel. Our GLOMOTAX geolocation tool provides full support while protecting user privacy.

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