June 24, 2020

IR-2020-109: IRS reminder: June 15 tax deadline postponed to July 15 for taxpayers who live and work abroad

The IRS has issued Reminder IR-2020-109 (June 2) that applies to any taxpayers who live and work abroad.  The June 15th US federal tax deadline has been extended until July 15th for all taxpayers, including Americans and nonresident aliens with US filing and payment requirements who live and work outside of the US. The US normally follows the standard federal tax deadline of April 15th, but due to Coronavirus, the IRS has provided an extension of time to file and pay as a form of tax relief. If you need additional time to file surpassing July 15th, you can file an extension to October 15th by completing one of the following: 

  • File form 4868 through GMT or by using Free File link on IRS.gov 
  • Submit an electronic payment using one of the following payment options:

Make sure to selected Form 4868 or extension as the payment type. Doing this will automatically extend your filing date to October 15th.

If you owe, taxes are due by July 15th

To see the full IRS reminder or additional information for businesses and military, please check it out here! Let us know how we can help or if you would like us to calculate an estimated tax payment.

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