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As the role of technology in workforce planning and management continues to evolve, so do attitudes on the optimal employee work location.   Recent global events have accelerated the pace of new options and alternatives for employees to fulfill their role.

In light of these factors, the tax laws and reporting rules are still in place.   While some new laws offer temporary relief, existing standards for reporting and compliance have not changed.

Development of a workable corporate policy for a dispersed and mobile workforce is needed to manage efficiencies along with global tax risk and compliance.


How We Can Help


  • Policy & Implementation

    While remote work arrangements offer flexibility to employees, they can create tax pitfalls for employers.  Having a clear and consistent corporate approach to such arrangements will go a long way to maximizing the tax benefits of this new norm.

  • Tracking and Reporting

    Global compliance for a remote workforce calls for an awareness of employee work location and travel. Our GLOMOTAX geolocation tool provides full support while protecting user privacy.

  • Payroll Support

    We support your domestic and international payroll teams so that you are compliant with global wage reporting and withholding requirements.

  • Employee Tax Consultations

    The tax implications of a remote work arrangement are often overlooked by employees.  Upfront awareness and education are keys to avoiding headaches and unplanned costs down the road.

  • Tax Compliance

    Tax laws and regulations can be complicated.  This includes the annual tax filing process.  Our global experts can help you and your employees stay compliant through tax preparation, filing, and administration.

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Our consultants are well-versed in international tax. At any stage, we create a clear tax strategy, advise on cost-savings, and help optimize your global mobility program.

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