One-Way Moves

A Growing Trend in Global Relocation

As the global economies evolve, many companies find business objectives met by transferring an employee to a new international location on local terms and conditions.  This practice can often simplify the administration and reduce costs for a company.

The employee experience must also be considered.  A new international location may bring many professional and personal benefits.  But along with such change brings financial considerations including a new currency, retirement plan impact, along with personal income and social tax changes.


How We Can Help


  • Policy and Implementation

    What is your organization’s tax policy? We can help you review your current policy or design a new approach to fit the current relocation practice.

  • Employee Education

    The tax implications of one-way relocation are often overlooked by employees. Upfront awareness and education are keys to avoiding headaches and unplanned costs down the road. Tax consultations can be delivered in a group or individual format.

  • Cost Modeling / Net pay Review

    One of the primary data points an employee should consider before the relocation is the impact on net pay.  Cost modeling can be done to preview tax implications and plan for opportunities.

  • Payroll Support

    We support your domestic and international payroll teams so that you are compliant with global wage reporting and withholding requirements for relocation costs.  Tax gross-up policy and mechanics can also be evaluated.

  • Tax Compliance

    Tax laws and regulations can be complicated. This includes the annual tax filing process. Our global experts can help you and your employees stay compliant and save tax dollars.

Ready to Get Started?

Our consultants are well-versed in international tax. At any stage, we create a clear tax strategy, advise on cost-savings, and help optimize your global mobility program.

Our 100+ combined years of consulting experience speaks for itself.


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