Temporary Assignments

A Traditional Approach to Global Mobility

Temporary work assignments have been the gold standard in global mobility from the very start.  Coupled with a balance sheet approach to compensation and benefits, a well-crafted tax policy can facilitate a familiar employee experience while on assignment.

Finding the best tax policy to fit your global mobility goals for temporary assignments is essential.  Tax equalization, protection, or a related hybrid model are all options depending on your goals for meeting the tax challenges of a temporary assignment.

Any tax policy is multi-dimensional in impact at a company.  Providing an optimal employee experience must be balanced against the added financial cost.   Policy and administration must be measured against resources available from the mobility team and internal stakeholders.  Internal support from payroll, finance, and stock administration plays a key role.


How We Can Help


  • Policy Options and Implementation

    Tax policy for temporary assignments must be aligned with your overall compensation philosophy.   We can help you evaluate the alternatives for the best fit.   Ongoing support requirements must also be integrated.

  • Cost Modeling

    Temporary assignments can generate a high tax cost.  Upfront estimation should be done to provide your company visibility to the total costs of an assignment.  Cost modeling will provide information to make the best decision.

  • Tracking and Reporting

    Global compliance for temporary assignments calls for an awareness of employee work location and travel. Our GLOMOTAX geolocation tool provides full support while protecting user privacy.

  • Employee Education and Engagement

    Tax policy can provide a roadmap and financial certainty to your employee during an assignment.  Company support must be met with employee understanding and engagement.  Employee tax consultations are designed to provide a solid start to any assignment.

  • Payroll Support

    Temporary assignments often involve the support of two payroll teams at your company.  Missed steps can lead to surprise for both the company and employees. We support your global payroll teams to run your policy.

  • Tax Planning and Compliance

    Tax laws and regulations can be complicated.  This includes the annual tax filing process.  Our global experts can help you and your employees stay compliant and save tax dollars.

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Our consultants are well-versed in international tax. At any stage, we create a clear tax strategy, advise on cost-savings, and help optimize your global mobility program.

Our 100+ combined years of consulting experience speaks for itself.


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